Legend of the Tribes

The Dragons Saga, #3.5

"Legend of the Tribes" offers readers glimpses into the worlds of two of the lesser mentioned tribes of the 'Dragons Saga' series.

The Aero Dragons swoop in with tales of love supplanting tradition, as an arranged marriage finds itself rearranged. Remaining true to her quest to offer cultural diversity to her readership; J.F. Jenkins gives this tale a decidedly Indian flare.

The Terran Dragons are truly 'down to Earth', and the story they tell is one of love lost, grief, and love found again.

These stories may be short but they each pack the same one-two punch of morality and great storytelling that has become a hallmark of their author.

Book Blurb for Legend of the Tribes

Two short stories from The Dragon Saga. Two more tribes are explored.

“Legend of the Aero Dragon”

Etzli is the youngest son of the Great Dragon Lord of the Wind. Per the traditions of his people, his whole life is planned out for him by his parents – including his future bride. At first, he dreads the idea of marrying a woman he's never met. Then he lays his eyes on his betrothed, Itotia. After one dance, he's convinced his family finally got something right for him. Little does he know that the woman who claims to be his future bride is actually an imposter.

“Legend of the Terran Dragon”

Single father, Taj, has done his best to adapt to his new life after the tragic death of his wife. With the pressure to remarry, on top of being thrust into a political game he doesn't want to play, Taj is close to having a mental breakdown. The light at the end of his tunnel is his co-worker Romina. But the closer he gets to her, the harder it is to keep his biggest secret from her.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 5.00