Legend of the Forbidden

The Dragons Saga, #4

J.F. Jenkins continues her foray into 5 star fame with Legend of the Forbidden Dragon, the fourth installment in The Dragons Saga series.

Meet Danielle Inero, the only female dragon in existence. Never allowed to live life on her own terms she has been promised in marriage to Tyson, son of the Terran Dragon Lord.

The problem?

Tyson is Danielle's best friend and more like a brother than a lover.

Though she knows that marrying Tyson will appease her parents and forge a powerful alliance between the two families; Danielle cannot deny her love for the serious and soulful Ethan Oceina.

Loving Ethan however comes with a price.

Could that price be higher than these two young lovers and their families can afford?

This is a wonderfully crafted story full of love, magic, values, and morels. While definitely not religious or preachy; Legend of the Forbidden Dragon does champion the values of family, marriage, honesty, and love. That said...the story told within its pages does not skimp on drama or juicy plot twists.

This book as it all!

Book Blurb for Legend of the Forbidden

Danielle Inero is the only female dragon in existence. Destined for greatness, her parents have done everything in their power to keep her grounded and in the dark of the true pow-er within her. She's in an arranged engagement with her best friend Tyson of the Terran, but in love with her other best friend Ethan, who is Oceina. Her fiancee Tyson doesn't seem to mind because his eyes are on a beautiful girl named Maya. Ideally, there shouldn't be a problem.

But politics soon turn everything ugly as the three friends must find a way to make their dreams come true, as well as dodge the backlash of their actions. The governing officials of the dragon world know about the three youth's destiny, one that is based on an ancient prophecy. While some nations will do everything in their power to make this prophecy a reality, others will do whatever it takes to make sure it doesn't.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 5.00