Dating Dracula, Jr.

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Dating Dracula, Jr.

Dating Dracula Jr. is a light and fun teen read that will appeal to fans of the Monster High series. Starring V. J. Frankenstein, daughter of the illustrious "mad scientist" himself, and an assortment of her famously sir-named friends; Dating Dracula is a madcap look into dating, high school, grave robbing, and out witting killers of the undead as only the sons and daughters of legendary creepers can.

This is a very light teen read, but bear in mind that it is TEEN. Some of the action may be a little too graphic for the younger set.

Though the story flows very well, the constant references by V.J. to her Frankenstein heritage gets a bit old after the first few chapters.

Dagan Dracula and the plot built around him are a dream come true for those who love a little mystery with other romance.

If you are an older fan of MH and miss the misadventure; you are sure to love Dating Dracula Jr.

Book Blurb for Dating Dracula, Jr.

V.J. Frankenstein has a lot on her mind. She has a brother that her father made in his basement laboratory who drives her crazy. He’s a monster - literally, along with her two sisters, who aren’t really monsters, they just act like it. She can’t partner with BFF Bea Franklin for her science project since they accidentally blew up the science lab last year with their quantum physics project. Jason Jekyll, her ex-boyfriend wants to get back together, but he’s too picky. And Hart Hyde, his cousin, is crazy about Debbs Van Helsing who is crazy about Seth, the Mummy’s son. So nobody’s happy in love. V.J. doesn’t even have a date for the Halloween Dance. And to top it all off, their high school mascot is lame. So, V.J. and her friends decide to find a new mascot. A zombie would be perfect. Only when they open the grave you’ll never guess who they find. Now, ghouls, werewolves and vampires are all out to ‘put the bite’ on them. And who is chasing after them is the biggest secret of all. There is danger, deceit and deadly intent.

It is monster mayhem with flashing fangs, stabbing stakes, wacked werewolves and exploding garlic bombs (which Bea Franklin, a chip off the old Ben Franklin block invents to save the day). In the midst of all this monster mashing and malevolent madness, only V.J. Frankenstein could get a date to the Halloween Dance, even though he sucks. But then he is Dracula’s grandson!

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 4.00