Dark Solstice

Bitter Snow, #2

Just when you thought that things couldn't get anymore terrifying for Gilly, Kai, Niko, and the citizenry of Bremerton...they do! It seems that taking the stealing the heart of Gilly's one and only love is not enough for the uber-cool and ever-calculating Snow Queen. She's made herself the new girl in town, and she's brought the family!

Lauren Sweet's "Dark Solstice" manages to up the ante in all areas with this second offering in the series. The story is shared evenly across a greater cast this time around, and the plot is full of nuance and depth as a result. Readers really get an up close and personal view of this story's villain this time around.

On the other side of the coin, readers get to know the fabled Guardians of Bremerton, and may be quite surprised when they learn the identities of some of these hidden heroes.

"Dark Solstice" is a wonderful follow-up to "Bitter Snow", and a great start to what promises to be an awesome reading experience

Book Blurb for Dark Solstice

On St. Nicholas’s Eve, the festival of Bellsnichol, Gilly Breslin opened her door to an ancient evil. A demon queen who’s slowly destroying Gilly’s best friend Kai—the only guy she’s ever loved.

But it’s not just Kai. Every guy who falls in love with the Snow Queen turns evil—and every guy who sees her falls in love with her.

Gilly’s only hope is to enlist the secret guardians of Bremerton, who may hold the key to banishing the Snow Queen and her minions. But with the town erupting in violence and the demons’ power increasing as the winter nights grow longer, she’s in a race against time to stop them before it’s too late.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 5.00