Bitter Snow

Bitter Snow, #1

"Bitter Snow" may be a small book, but don't be fooled. There is definitely a fully grown story packed into its 82 pages!

Gilly Breslin and her father call the idealic hamlet of Bremerton home.

Though Bremerton is located somewhere in the US, the people and their traditions are strictly Old World. Old World as in Austrian and Bavarian that is. Right down to the annual celebration of Bellsnichol, or St. Nicholas' Eve each December 5th.

December 5th also happens to be particularly special for Gilly. Its her birthday, and while the fun and festivities of Bellsnichol promise fun with friends and neighbors; Gilly has her heart set on time spent alone with her best friend Kai. know what they say about "the best laid plans".

Things change in a most fantastic way when a beautiful stranger comes to town and Gilly opens a door better left more ways than one.

"Bitter Snow" is the first book in a fabulous retelling of "The Snow Queen". Rather than trying to remake the original tale however, this tale's author has chosen to expand the scope of her work by delving deeper into the lore, and bringing said lore out of its dark past and into the modern world. The Snow Queen does feature in this first book, but she is by no means alone. Her wolven henchmen, imps, and even St. Nicholas himself make an appearance.

Gilly proves herself to be a wonderful heroine, full of snark, intelligence, and wit...and the horror laced action is first rate.

Book Blurb for Bitter Snow

Whatever you do, don’t open the door.

All Gilly Breslin wants for her sixteenth birthday is for her best friend Kai to see her as more than just the girl next door he’s known forever. So when she receives a mysterious, romantic invitation to meet him at midnight, she knows she has to go.

But it’s St. Nicholas’s Eve, the ancient festival of Bellsnichol, when demons roam the dark winter landscape. Tradition demands that everyone in the tiny town of Bremerton stay inside, doors shut tight against evil.

Gilly thinks it’s just a quaint old superstition. She has no idea that a malevolent power has been unleashed in Bremerton—with Kai as its target. But when she answers her door at midnight, her romantic date turns deadly…and she’s drawn into an ancient web of fear and darkness that threatens everything she loves.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 4.50