You're So Fine

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You're So Fine

Lacey is a very protective mother who wants the best for her son Henry. She came to the south and is staying in a lighthouse to keep Henry out of the spotlight. She gets surprised when Beau, Hollywood's biggest star, arrives. There seems to be a mix-up about who owns the lighthouse so they decide to share it for the next two months. In Lacey's case she really doesn't have a choice. Her thought is to knock Beau over the head with her flashlight and leave him out in the rain but there was the chance of him breaking down the door. Now is staying with her, and shooting a movie too.

Henry takes to Beau fast but Lacey does not. The sexual tension between these two is crazy. You can feel the sizzle come off the page and I really expected them to jump each other every time they were close, it was that intense.

Henry was just adorable and is a very curious child. I think if I was in Lacey's position and some guy came banging on my door in the middle of the night I would have called the cops. It shocked me that she let him in, especially because she had a child in the house. I liked that we got to see in to the life of a movie star, Beau may be Hollywood's star but he's still a person.

I liked reading this book, the sentences flowed well and the characters were great.

Book Blurb for You're So Fine


Lacey Clark’s dreams of Hollywood stardom didn’t turn out quite the way she planned. Instead, her life is more of the daytime-drama variety: One of her actor ex-boyfriends fathered a child with another woman, and now, long story short, Lacey is the adopted single mother of his son. She takes little Henry with her to South Carolina to escape the film business but winds up working at a small movie studio, determined to do a good job both on set and at "home." Only problem is she ends up sharing a house with movie star Beau Wilder, who is no role model for Henry—and only spells trouble for Lacey…LEAD TO A HAPPY ENDING?Beau is arguably the most gorgeous man on the planet—and a known ladies’ man. His wealthy Lowcountry pedigree is rivaled only by his bad-boy charm, a combination that proves irresistible for Lacey. And he adores Henry! If they weren’t both on a movie set, their lives would seem too good to be true…unless the chemistry—not to mention the burning attraction—between them is real, and Hollywood’s golden boy is actually falling for this sassy single mom? When it comes to love, sometimes you just have to throw out the script…"Filled with wit and Southern charm. Delightful!"—New York Times bestselling author Lori Wilde on Sweet Talk Me

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 4.00