Tunnel Vision

Mandy was murdered 15 years ago and her boyfriend, Duke was sent to prison for it. Now Betty and June have discovered that Mandy was June's aunt they try to figure out what happened. Along the way they run into a P.I. called Nickel.

This was a very interesting book and I was consumed by the first page. Betty and June are really great and they made me laugh sometimes. I hated high school and found anyway to keep busy. The fact that they found a mystery to solve made my day. Family mysteries and family trees are a big thing and it was fun to read about June looking into the life of her aunt.

Book Blurb for Tunnel Vision

Award-winning author Aric Davis brings back his captivating anti-hero, Nickel, in Tunnel Vision, a work of edgy noir about unlikely friendship and long-overdue justice.

It’s been fifteen years since Mandy Reasoner was murdered—a crime for which her boyfriend, Duke, was convicted. But when high school students and best friends Betty and June discover that Mandy was June’s long-forgotten aunt, they decide to pursue the mystery. Galvanized by the growing community who doubts the evidence against Duke and is rallying to free him, the two girls start on a path that will bring them not only to Duke himself but smack into Nickel, a canny, tough-as-nails teenage P.I. attempting to keep his own life together. They make a good team, but Nickel is on his own mission of revenge, and the web of lies surrounding Mandy’s murder is growing ever thicker. Will they survive the fight to bring Mandy’s killer to justice?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2014 4.00