Trust Me

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Trust Me

Southern Nights, #2

In Trust Me, the character Maddie is such a strong person and I was in awe of her while reading. To break away from a cult is powerful and takes strength. To be raped by the person who is supposed to protect you, your husband, and have someone else join in, messes someone up. For Maddie, it made her stronger, but it doesn't take away the deep wounds. I enjoyed both Maddie and Jack, even though Jack is a nosy bastard. The plot was very well written, and the author kept me in suspense. I highly recommend this book.

Book Blurb for Trust Me

A woman on a mission…

Maddie Baker spent four years seeking vengeance against the man whose abuse destroyed her life. That search has led her to a small town outside Atlanta and a missing teenage girl. Nothing will stand in the way of her mission, including a jackass of an ex-soldier who reawakens emotions best left to die.

A man on the hunt…

Jack Quinn learned to recognize trouble in the marines, and he sees it in Maddie the minute he lays eyes on her tending bar. Her secrets are hidden deep, but secrets are his specialty, and peeling away her barriers only makes him want her more. He’ll do whatever it takes to get her to trust him with her body and her heart.

An old threat whose time has come…

Staying hidden kept Maddie safe, but the search for justice will bring her into the open and face-to-face with her treacherous past. Risking her life is one thing, but risking her heart is another. In love and in danger, she must trust Jack to lead her—and pray they both come out alive.

Stands Alone: Yes

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 5.00