Trouble Clef

Even though "Trouble Clef" was a short read, I really enjoyed it. Maya and Kyra both had issues of their own they had to work out. Being in a band is not ideal for everyone but it worked for them until Maya kissed Kyra on stage in front of their fans. Needless to say that started up a storm of problems.

Ten years later the band is back together and Kyra and Maya come face to face again. The sexual tension between those two was crazy. The author did a very good job showing the difficulty Maya had when it came to being around Kyra. Also how hard it was for Kyra to control her emotions.

Book Blurb for Trouble Clef

Maya has spent years putting her time as one quarter of a world-famous girl band, Trouble Clef, behind her, along with the intense romance she shared with her closeted bandmate, Kyra. But now, ten years after their last controversial show, Trouble Clef has a chance to pick up where they left off with a reunion tour, and Maya is forced to face the past—and the lingering feelings she still has for Kyra—once more.

Be Warned: f/f sex

#lesbian #glbt

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 4.00