The Silver Dragon

Dragon Bound, #9

Dragons are a fun theme to read about. In this book Luc seems to have a death wish. This is part of a series and the dragons in this book find their mates by the Dragon Kiss…more commonly known as French Kissing. Iris gets another surprise when she finds out that not only is her dragon amazing but he's also a world known wizard. The story of how people and dragons come together to be one is pretty great.

This book is a short story and goes fast. It gives a lot of detail quickly and you’re not left wondering, what just happened? You can tell there will be adventure on the horizon for our pairing. This is just the beginning for Iris and Luc.

Book Blurb for The Silver Dragon

Living life as sister in law to the king of the dragons is a pain in the rump and Iris can’t wait to get out from under his thumb. She almost regrets her decision to stay with her sister Tansy when the others go to Europe, until she meets the most handsome dragon she’s ever seen. Too bad he’s so ready and willing to die.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 4.00