The Semi

Perfect Life

OH MY GOD, The Semi was too funny. The whole Caroline thing was out of this world, psychological war indeed. Being a part of a community you have to learn the rules and Caroline being part of HOA, took it too far. I cracked up when Jennifer aka Summer brought in the pink flamingos.

Jason is a great guy and I'm surprised that he loves to cook. His obsession and anger towards everyone calling his raven a crow is pretty weird though. It started out as a booty call and ended with them being in WITSEC after seeing an assassin kill a guy. I feared for them at first, especially Jennifer because according to her she had the perfect life before this, but they worked it out and made it home.

Contemporary romance readers are going to enjoy this hot piece of fiction.

Book Blurb for The Semi

Summer thinks her life is perfect until the night after her promotion when realizes how imperfect it all is without someone to share it with. In an act of desperation she decides to have a one-night stand—in an effort to avoid silly things like long-term commitments and marriage.

She finds what she’s looking for in a handsome bartender named Jason. The next morning during an awkward goodbye they witness a murder and one escaped serial killer later they suddenly find themselves living in the witness protection program as husband and wife.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 4.00