Taming Dru

Once Upon a Dream, 4

I'm not really one for ghetto/slang language so it was hard for me to read through this story. Overall, it was a good book and I was glad to see Dru loosen up and let someone in. I know how hard it is to admit that you're gay, I went through the same thing with my family.

Seeing Dru finally give in and accept it was amazing. I also love how her sister in the beginning didn't even blink an eye when she came into the room and saw Dru trussed up. She didn't judge and I think that went a long way.

Book Blurb for Taming Dru

Drusilla Trumane has been a naughty girl. Flora LeBeau knows just what to do to tame the beast.

When beauties Drusilla Trumane and Flora LeBeau meet, the only thing beastly is Dru’s behavior. But Domme Flora has just the cure for that.

Drusilla’s ghastly attitude may have alienated her from her sisters, but Flora sees beneath the façade to the hurt woman beneath. Refusing to be turned away by her snide comments and bitchy attitude, Flora continues to bring the haughty woman to her knees, showing her at every turn she knows what she needs.

Desperate to retreat to the safety her walls provide, Dru agrees to allow Flora one night. Will twenty-four hours be enough to get the other woman out of her mind and her heart?

Be Warned: BDSM, rimming, flogging, f/f sex

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 3.00