Swept Away

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Swept Away

A Swift River Romance, #1

Twins fascinate me and the relationship Carson has with his Cody was interesting and at times crazy. I felt so bad for Lily! She had so much thrown at her and yet she kept on pushing and took the hits. Most people would give up after the things Lily has gone through, but I truly felt connected to her as I read “Swept Away”. Her emotions and the way she does things are truly awe inspiring.

The plot was easy to follow and I had a hard time getting snatched from this world. My girl had to pinch me to get my attention at some points. “Swept Away” is a great read and I really did enjoy it.

Once you get to the end of “Swept Away” you get to read a preview of Kristina Mathew’s next book called “Better Than Perfect”.

Book Blurb for Swept Away

Carson Swift may look exactly like his twin brother Cody, but they’re as different as tie dye and camouflage. Reliable, responsible, and usually the designated driver, Carson is also over being his brother’s keeper, but suddenly his plans to break free are complicated by the woman they fish out of Hidden Creek . . .

Lily Price is not your typical damsel in distress. Infidelity, infertility, and downsizing provide a triple threat to her ego, but falling into the swollen river nearly ends her life. If not for the handsome stranger—make that two handsome strangers—she might not have had a chance at having a baby by any means necessary . . .

As Carson helps Lily overcome her fear of the river, she helps him save his rafting business from going under. She also saves him from abandoning all that is important to him in order to get a taste of freedom. Together they find that love is the ultimate adventure.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2017 4.00