Say Yes

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Say Yes

Sons of the People, #1

SAY YES was interesting, to say the least. Levi's family and his traditions were cool as well as cruel. 16 lashings to claim Petey was a little much for me but for Levi it was just part of his tradition as being a part of the People. Though Levi is young he knows what he wants and has the money to support himself and those he loves. When he first sees Sera he knows his life was about to change and he is right.

Sera had it rough living in a small town but she loves her boy and supports them by being a romance author. When she meets Levi her world changes and she's thrown into traditions and customs she never knew existed.

You can connect with the characters and the love, anger, confusion and hurt they each went through. Levi and Sera went through pain together and came out on top. Just like a family is supposed to, and not only that, but Sera now has a better understanding of how The People operate.

Book Blurb for Say Yes

Serafina Noland has a good life, a son she adores, a supportive family, and a successful career. The one thing she doesn’t have is a significant other, a partner to help her raise her son, Petey, someone to love her through thick and thin. Loneliness is often her companion, but she’s resigned herself to that and learned to be thankful for the life she and Petey have carved out in their little corner of the Appalachian foothills.

While on vacation, she walks onto a Carolina beach and meets sinfully sexy businessman Levi Ewart. He’s thoughtful and kind and one of the most handsome men she’s ever met. The problem is he’s also entirely too young for her, and so far above her in every way possible, her head spins. What can a man like that possibly see in little ol’ her? How can she ever trust him not to walk out on her, the way Petey’s father did nearly nine years before?

Sera’s age is never a problem for Levi. His own mother is centuries older than his father, and he’s witnessed dozens of couples in similar situations find their happily ever afters. He opens his heart to the reserved Sera and falls hard and fast for her and her son, but his secrets aren’t the only things standing in the way of true love. Sera’s past is a giant blight on their relationship, eating away at the core of their happiness, and Levi’s love may not be enough to overcome her doubts. Getting her to say yes to the future he wants to build with her may be the hardest task he’s ever undertaken, and the riskiest venture of his life.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2015 4.50