Love in Lederhosen

Romance on the Go

Short and to the point, Love in Lederhosen is a little love story that takes place in Germany. I'm all for great sex but I don't like the fact that they didn't use condoms. That is a big thing in today's world and I think you should always be protected until you both go to a clinic, get checked out and decide where your relationship is going from there. Anal play is good and all but I do not favor the double dipping. You can choose to go in one or the other, but no back and forth. People could get infections and other things from that.

I love the relationship Silke has with her mother, you can definitely tell that they are close. Horst is a man who knows what he wants and goes after it, whether it be Silke or starting his own business. Even though this story skipped days you could still follow along with the story and have a good understanding of when Silke is around her mother's family and her father's.

Book Blurb for Love in Lederhosen

When Silke is forced to go to Germany with her mother, she decides to put this time to good use. Silke will find herself a man and have a delicious, no strings attached affair! There's just one tiny problem—Horst, and he is anything but tiny. Horst, a family friend that she barely remembers, knows what he wants and is intent on fulfilling his dream. Will Silke find the orgasm of her dreams or a love she can't live without? Leave your inhibitions at the door and find out...

Be Warned: anal sex, public exhibition

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2014 3.00