Hot Ink Anthology

The Hot Ink Anthology is one very sexy book.

I’m reviewing the first story, A Montgomery Ink Novella.

Morgan being all dominant...yummy. I might have said it before but it bears repeating, tats are sexy as hell and the fact that this book involves a tattoo artist is a bonus. You don't see that many female tat artist and I think that's what's great about his book. The place where Callie works has not one but two female artist that do some amazing work. Morgan is very bold to have a back piece for his second tattoo and I loved how excited Callie was to do it.

Morgan's mother on the other hand is a freaking piranha and really should be punched or slapped in the face. She is entirely too irritating and Heather is added to that group too. Who does she think she is telling him who he can and will marry? He's the head of the house, has been entirely too respectful until now and has dealt with her crap long enough. I was glad when he put her in her place. I support this book and have no problem recommending it.

Book Blurb for Hot Ink Anthology

Forever Ink by NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan

A Montgomery Ink Novella

The idea of a May-December romance has never looked so hot when it comes to broody lawyer, Morgan and sizzling tattoo artist, Callie. Between conniving family members, blondes with too much time on their hands, and their own misgivings, trust in the bedroom and out of it won't come easy.

Takedown by USA Today Bestselling Author Cari Quinn

A Tapped Out Bonus Novella

After honorably discharged Navy SEAL Liam Walsh discovers his estranged brother, Slater, is living platonically with Abby, the only woman Liam ever loved, he vows to remind her of their scorching history. But Abby has changed since Liam left, and he only has one long weekend to stake his claim...

Bound Memories by Sidney Bristol

A Bayou Bound Novella

Kit Carson is back in his home town to do more than promote his latest reality TV win on Tattoo King. He's returned to win over the woman who kinked up his world, but Renee LeBlanc isn't the girl he remembers. Ten years can go in a blink of an eye and he won't let her walk away from him again.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2014 5.00