Guardian's Shadow

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Guardian's Shadow

Fire and Snow, #3

I felt so bad for Kit because she's so unique and yet she doesn't see it. When Jessie comes into her life and she realizes he's her mate she's excited and a little freaked out. They had some things to workout but the sexual tension was there form the start. I love how protective Kit's support system is when it comes to her.

I liked reading Guardian’s Shadow very much. Kit is so vulnerable and yet capable at the same time. When she has doubts she has people she can talk to about them and kind of set her straight, which is good.

Overall I’m recommending this paranormal romance book.

Book Blurb for Guardian's Shadow

Jessie loves his life as a carefree rally driver, until a chance meeting with a sexy red haired firefighter changes everything. As a Comet Shifter, Jessie’s never met another Snow Leopard shifter before finding Kit, the woman who’s haunted his dreams for the past five years.

Kit’s one tough female. She’s been keeping herself busy protecting those she cares for but deep inside she craves her mate. When her path finally crosses with Jessie sparks fly … and they aren’t all the good kind!

Just as they begin to get along, Kit’s dark secret is revealed, and it’s not only Jessie and Kit that will be put to the test in the aftermath.

Stands Alone: Yes

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 4.00