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A New Life Series, #4

The FBI is really pissing me off, I hope they stay true to their promise to let Tori have her freedom. I'm so glad she finally found out who she is and where she came from. Her brother is a dick though and I don't think that being famous has anything to do with it.

Eli is making me mad too, he really sent Enrique to go kill Micheal and for what? So that Tori will be a part of his life, I don't think so. That was a very stupid move and they better hope she doesn't find out about it. I cannot wait to read what happens next in Tori's adventure to have a normal life and be left alone.

The author pulled me into the story right from the start, mainly because I was eager to read what happens next. The story flowed OK, it was easy to follow along but I did have to stop and come back. It started where book 3 left off and it wasn't hard to keep up with the story line. I think most if not all the characters in this book had flaws even though Tori's brother seems to think he doesn't. I have no idea if it's because he's a famous musician who let it go to his head or if it's because he really is that conceited and arrogant. The characters were pulled into conflicts that moved the story forward although I hated that Tori had to go back to that life for a while in order to kill the people that were a threat to her and Micheal.

Book Blurb for Exposed

When seduction and danger are all you've ever known can you ever truly leave it behind?

When Tori walked away from a life of crime, she set forth on a path of redemption and discovery. She found a man to call her own, and a life she would give anything to keep. But love and life aren't always beautiful or kind...sometimes they are painful and traitorous.

For years, Tori's drug of choice was alcohol, but through hard work and self-determination she has learned to exist without it. Suddenly faced with her true identity, and the danger of having friends and family destroyed by the world she left behind, she finds herself once again lost in a dark world filled with sex. drugs and murder.

She thought that a life of normalcy is what she wanted most, but when she gets a small taste of the dangerous life she once lived, she is forced to face the facts...not all of the demons are found on the outside.??? Book 4 of 7 in A New Life Series

This is the fourth in a series that chronicles the life of a young woman who is raised by a group of men who work as freelance mercenaries in the dark world of drug trafficking and murder for hire. They acquired the young woman at a very young age, as she has no memory of life before them.

This book opens with a visit by the FBI and a request to Tori... Secrets will be revealed and circumstances beyond her control will change the lives of those she loves. Tori must now make a decision that could change her whole world and possibly take away her new life.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 3.50