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A New Life Series, #3

Micheal is a very interesting person and different from Henri, he's also very judgmental. On a promise to Henri he went looking for Tori and found her in the music shop in L.A., but she ran from him and got on a train. With some help he caught up to her and wound up being in the seat right next to hers.

I'm happy that Tori finally gave in and let Micheal stay in her life, not only did he help her fix the house and her new business but he also became her husband. Then Eli comes back into the pictures and fucks everything up.

The FBI are so stupid and I hope they know that they unleashed the beast. They know how dangerous she is, have refused to find her family, lied about her age and have messed with her life far too much. I'm waiting for her to attack. If I was her I would take my story to the media and deal with the fall out of the organization later, at least she would be out of the FBI's thumb.

The author pulled me into the story right from the start, I read straight through. I think the story flowed really well. It started where book 2 left off and I had no problem getting back into the grove and finishing to the end. I also liked how the author threw in the flashbacks in this, I think it helped the story along. Readers get a better understanding into their history and what happened from Micheal's point of view the night he first met Tori in the gang.

Book Blurb for Entwined

There is nothing crueler than getting a taste of something you’ve fought hard to reach, only to have it ripped away, sending your world into a tailspin

Tori wants to put the past behind her, but it’s a daunting task when you have the FBI trying to force you back into the life you’ve escaped. When a ghost from her past visits, it could be the leverage they need to do exactly that ”" put her back into the game of murder and deceit. Tori has decided to run, in an attempt to protect her new friends, by fleeing from LA.

Wanting a place to call home and feel safe from the madness, she sets out with a plan to disappear and hide in anonymity. Her idea only holds one flaw ”" a man she can’t shake, who won’t take 'No' for an answer.

She soon discovers that getting a new life means she must first lay to rest the demons of her past.??? Book 3 of 7 in A New Life Series

This is the third in a series that chronicles the life of a young woman who is raised by a group of men who work as freelance mercenaries in the dark world of drug trafficking and murder for hire. They acquired the young woman at a very young age, as she has no memory of life before them. This book opens as Tori is visit by a ghost from her past... should she run or is he here to help?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 4.00