Dirty Little Secrets

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Dirty Little Secrets

Ava's life is turned upside down when a guy comes to her house claiming to be the illegitimate son of her late husband. From then on it is bullets flying, hit men hired to kill her, someone she loves very dearly being kidnapped - and the shock of her life. Every where she turns she's hit with something, but she gets through it because she's a survivor and that's what they do, survive.

Dominic saw something he wanted and he went for it; Ava is more than he thought her to be and the more he watched her, the more determined he is to have her, and nothing or no one was going to get in his way.

I loved reading this and Ava's daughter is just adorable. She cracked me up when she looked at Dominic, her mother's new boyfriend, then looked at her mother and said, "He's cute." You never know what little kids are going to say. I recommend this book.

Book Blurb for Dirty Little Secrets

Danger ignites a passion neither of them can refuse.

Ava Hill learned early in life that to survive, she has to be twice as smart, twice as ruthless as those who seek to undermine her. And as the widow of a mob boss with a daughter to raise, nothing is more important than protecting what’s hers.

Her determination to shield her child from the ugliness of her past takes a hit when a man claiming to be her late husband’s son barges through her front door.

Dominic Sambarino demands half of her daughter’s inheritance. Ava wastes no time showing him she’ll come out swinging with everything she has. But no amount of fight in the world can prepare her for the instant, smoldering chemistry between the two of them.

A friend’s invitation for a weekend getaway is a welcome chance to regroup, or so Ava thinks. But she soon finds herself caught in a circle of her dead husband’s secrets and lies that threaten to cost her everything. And her only safe haven is the one place she vowed she’d never go—Dominic’s arms.

Warning: Strong language, graphic sex scenes between a woman whose well-ordered life is turned upside down by the only man with arms strong enough to catch her when she falls.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2015 4.50