Cupid, Mardi Gras & Auld Lang Syne

Clan McKinloch, #4

Spicy, spicy spicy, hot hot hot....the words literally melt off the page as you read this book. It's a big turn on and the relationship that develops between Zoey and Morrie is just great. I felt for Morrie as she came to grips with wanting to be with Zoey, instead of a man like she predicted her future would have.

The sex scenes are not only steamy but informative. I love how patient Zoey was with Morrie and let her experiment. Not only that but they talked which I think is great. This is a book I put my stamp behind and recommend for those who want to be taken on a life changing and erotic journey.

Book Blurb for Cupid, Mardi Gras & Auld Lang Syne

Zoey is a woman totally comfortable with her attraction to other women. Zoey knows that she and Morrie McKinloch are perfect for each other. Not only is the chemistry explosive, Morrie is a ton of fun to be around. If only Zoey can convince Morrie that being a lesbian isn’t the end of the world.

Morrie cannot forget the hot New Year’s Eve sex she had with Zoey Statham. She never expected to be attracted to another woman. How can she tell her mother that her only daughter is swearing off the fairytale prince in favor of the princess?

When Morrie’s friends set her up with a local guy, she figures this is her chance at normal. Too bad a handsome man isn’t incentive enough to keep Morrie out of Zoey’s bed. No matter how much Morrie tries to be what her family wants, her heart already knows where she belongs.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 4.50