Crossing Abby Road

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Crossing Abby Road

In the start of Crossing Abby Road, Todd and Abby made me smile. Todd was such an awkward teenager with Abby and she was cold like an ice queen. His sisters just crack me up throughout the story, they really smother him and treat him like a sister, but he's a guy. His sisters worry about things more than he does. This was a smooth read and told entirely in Todd's point-of-view, and the story happens all in one day.

Todd has one day to be with Abby and he makes it count. He's a really sweet guy who is just learning how to step back, have a little fun, and bask in the quiet moments. Throughout the day he becomes Abby’s protector, mainly because he's sweet and wants to spend time with her, and because she's alone with no security. He shows her his world and little piece of peace of heaven, which I thought was great. She also unknowingly helps him with a business deal that has been weighing on his mind. They both were just adorable. Once Todd gets Abby to one up, you see the sweet and vulnerable woman that she really is. This is a book I gladly recommend.

Book Blurb for Crossing Abby Road

Todd Camford went from Marine sniper to owning a beachfront surf shop in Florida, and he couldn't be happier. Unfortunately, the programming from his training hasn't quite been eliminated. His ex called him an unfeeling cyborg, but he's a free-flying, unfettered hawk, damn it. Relationships outside of family are out of the question...

And then she comes into his shop.

Everyone knows who Abigail Kelly is-mega rockstar, tabloid fixture. Still, nothing prepares Todd for Abby's smoky gray eyes or the swift breathlessness of their instant chemistry. He'd be an ass (or possibly insane) to think he can resist her. Just for today, maybe he'll keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn't get mobbed. Because really, how much damage could one day with a super-hot, kick-ass celebrity really do?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 4.00