Captain's Captive

Alien Catch, #1

This book was fun to read. Right from the first page I was drawn into this world where humans mix with aliens. Rhihann is a tough human female who will do what she has to, to get the job done and protect her friend. Her job was going well until she came face to face with Arlen, an alien police officer whose doing an undercover job. He is shocked to not only see her on his ship but how beautiful she is and boy can she pack a punch form hell.

Because Rhihann shows up on the monitors of the place Arlen needs to go she has to pretend to be his concubine or they both lose their lives. Arlen is fascinated with her but they both have to learn to trust each other if they want to survive.

Aliens, humans, spaceships, space...all things I love in a science fiction book. You not only learn new things and words but you learn about a new world. You get a glimpse into the author mind and see what she sees. This was a well thought out plot and very enjoyable. I had no problem reading this and recommend it for anyway who wants to take an adventure into space.

Book Blurb for Captain's Captive

This space pirate isn’t ready to be caught and taught...

Among space pirates, Rhihann is one of the best, a specialist who infiltrates starships and steals them out from under any captain unlucky enough to be at the helm. This time though, there’s far more on the line when she’s forced to steal a wealthy noble’s ship for a vicious crime lord. The mission should be a cakewalk, except this alien captain isn’t like any other male she’s gone up against. He’s big, he’s smart, he’s dominant, and he’s able to get the drop on her. And once he takes her prisoner, he tolerates exactly zero nonsense. Worst of all, he’s somehow discovered her secret submissive desire to be spanked...

Arlen is an undercover law-don officer with just one mission—stop the illegal death-cage matches on Havva Station. When Rhihann tries to steal his ship, he’s forced to capture her...but he’s at a loss for what to do with the pretty human who’s so skilled and so dangerous. The passion between them won’t be denied, and Rhihann longs for Arlen’s large, strong hands on her flesh. His low-level psychic powers tell him when she’s lying and when she’s turned on by punishment, but he clearly can’t trust her. Yet he’s forced to do exactly that when he must disguise her as his consort and go undercover, and one wrong move by either of them will mean their deaths. There’s deadly trouble aboard the space station, and the captain and his captive have stumbled right into the middle of it.

Contains light BDSM and erotic spanking

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2014 4.00