Bad Boys in Big Trouble Book 2

Reece and Jessica are both undercover and their jobs are only more complicated when they are told by their handlers to use each other for information. Jessica thought Reece was hot and a viable candidate to devirginize her, among other things. Reece was captured by Jessica from the moment he saw her ass as she bent over to get something out of her trunk.

The sex between them....steamy, fast, furious, and right off the bat. There was no waiting, as soon as they got to Reece's place it..was..on. I really liked reading Bouncer and it was a VERY hot read. I was very excited to read the next book in the series, Bodyguard.

Book Blurb for Bouncer

DEA Agent Reece Langston has spent a year at the city’s hottest club, working his way closer to the core of a money laundering operation. Women throw themselves at him all the time, but there’s only one he’s interested in catching. And she won’t even tell him her name.

FBI Agent Jessica Hayes doesn’t know much about the sexy stranger except that he’s tall, dark and gorgeous. Best of all, he seems just as drawn to her as she is to him — in other words, he’s the perfect man to show one kick-ass virgin what sex is all about. No names, no strings and no regrets.

Their one-night stand turns into two. Then a date. Then … maybe more.

Everything is going deliciously well until Jessica’s boss orders her to use her lover to further an FBI operation.

Everything is going deliciously well until Reece’s handler orders him to use his lover to get closer to his target.

Is their desire enough to match the danger and deception?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 4.00