Bad Boys In Big Trouble Book 3

Bodyguard was amasing. Deke and Chloe were fascinating and it took me a couple hours to read it. Chloe is on a date with a dick named Ned and it goes downhill from there. Ned is an asshole and I don't feel sorry for how he was treated at the stadium. Deke gets high points from me for saving Chloe from Ned the dread and making her day a little better.

The sex was off the charts and as something dangerous lurks in the darkness, Deke is there to help where he can. Will they survive and live to see where their relationship takes them? Or will they surrender to the danger and fall into darkness? I put my full stamp of approval on Bodyguard and highly recommend it. I can't wait to read the next book in the series, Bomb Tech.

Book Blurb for Bodyguard

The baseball stadium is torture for Chloe Wakefield, from the noisy stands to the slimy man her colleague set her up with.

Too bad she isn’t with the sexy stud seated on her other side. He shares his popcorn. Shields her from the crowd. And, when the kiss cam swings their way, gives her a lip-lock that knocks her socks into the next county.

Goodbye, vile blind date. Hello, gorgeous stranger.

Staying under the radar is pretty much a job requisite for bodyguard Deke Langston, but he can’t resist tasting Chloe’s sweet lips. Nor her sexy invitation into her bed, where the sensuous little virgin proceeds to blow his mind.

But someone doesn’t like how close they are getting. The thought that scares Deke the most is that another woman in his care might be hurt because of his past.

All of Deke’s skills are put to the test as he and Chloe race to solve the puzzle of who is plotting against them.

Chloe’s in danger, and Deke has never had a more precious body to guard.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 5.00