Bad Boys in Big Trouble Book 1

Zak is undercover and his base of operations is a mechanic shop where he has an inside man. The job was supposed to be simple but things never go as planned. It gets even more complicated when his neighbor, Kaitlin, unknowingly gets involved.

Now instead of just focusing on his job like planned Zak also has to look out for Kaitlin and their sexual tension is crazy. His family was awesome and had me cracking up, his mother was just adorable. I had a hard time putting it down when I was called away. I enjoyed reading it and couldn't wait to read the next in the series, Bouncer. There is a preview of it at the end of Biker.

Book Blurb for Biker

Despite the danger, there are some definite pluses to undercover agent Zak Langston’s current alias as a mechanic slash low-life criminal. He doesn’t have to shave regularly or keep his hair military short. He gets to ride a damn fine Harley. And then there’s the sweet, sexy lady next door who likes to sneak peeks at his butt. Yeah, that was a major plus.

Kaitlin Price has had the worst luck with men. As if her unearned reputation as a frigid tease isn’t enough, she also has to deal with her stepsister’s casual cruelty and taunting tales of sexual conquests she can only dream of. So Kaitlin has never been with a man. So what? So what ...

So maybe the sexy bad boy next door would be willing to help her with that.

Gunfire, gangsters and a kidnapping weren’t part of her Deflower Kaitlin plan. Good thing for her bad boy Zak is very, very good. At everything.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 3.50