Wicked Highlander

A Dark Sword Novel, Book 3

Ever since I read the first book in this series (Dangerous Highlander) I had been dying to read more about Quinn so needless to say, I was beyond excited to finally get my hands on this book! After having been tormented for centuries by the god inside of him, Quinn is pretty much about to snap which I expected but I never thought I would enjoy his snapping so much! 

He has now been imprisoned by his numero uno enemy: Deidre the evil Druid who has been after the MacLeod brothers for a long time. And Quinn will do anything to kill her slowly and painfully. Marcail's in a bit of a bind. She's a Druid who was just captured but Deidre but she's also much more than that. In her mind, there's a spell but could put an end to this whole war.. If only she knew how to access it! 

Marcail and Quinn meet under not the best of circumstances - Both imprisoned in a pit surrounded by enemy just waiting for a moment of weakness to get them. To make matter worse (Or in my opinion, even better!) from the get-go, Quinn and Marcail have the hots for each other but it's kinda hard to explore said chemistry where they both know they could both be killed any minute now. Not that this should stop them from trying but I'm just sayin'.

Wicked Highlander is with no doubt the best installment to date in this series! From beginning to end, I was enthralled in this story. Quinn breaks my heart, he has been through so much and somehow has manage to come slightly - oh, who am I kidding, more like I was surprised he hasn't gone crazy and killed everybody by now - damaged and even more stronger from having to deal with all that heartache. The relationship between him and Marcail was just unbelievable! I could feel the passion and chemistry just coming off the page! I totally loved those characters and every single secondary character too. I had a blast reading Wicked Highlander! The characters are to die for, the steamy and action-packed scenes a joy to read and I cannot wait to read more of this wonderful series.

Book Blurb for Wicked Highlander

The most reckless and fierce of the MacLeod brothers, Quinn is a prisoner of the god inside him, tormented by his inability to save his family from slaughter. His fury governs him, and day by day he loses himself to the darkenss in his soul. But Quinn has a profound yearning for a woman’s love….

Raised by Druids, the achingly beautiful Marcail is as spellbinding as the ancient magic that surges through her body. To Quinn, she is most desirable woman he has ever known. But to his enemy Deirdre, she is the perfect bait to lure Quinn into her trap. Once the two lovers are in her wicked grasp, their passion will be put to the ultimate test…


Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.00