Where Angels Fear to Tread

Remy Chandler Novel, Book 3

Remy Chandler is an angel-turned-human-turned PI living in Boston and he has a new case to work. A woman just showed up saying that her ex-husband kidnapped her autistic kid and she wants him to find her little girl. At first, Remy thinks it's a pretty glaringly obvious, the two separated and now the guy stole his own kid. However, Remy soon enough finds out that this is no ordinary case or even close to it. Apparently, this little girl can see the future, her drawings are of things that haven't happened yet and she has scary powers that can either create wonderful things or utterly destroy everything and Remy is not the only one looking for her. But for the little girl's sake, and along everyone else in the world, Remy better find her first.

Where Angels Fear to Tread is the third installment in the Remy Chandler series by Sniegoski and the best yet, in my opinion! The characters, down to Remy's dog Marlowe, are so wonderfully thought out and feel so alive that you can't help but want them to be happy, you're invested in what's happening to them in the story. Remy Chandler has easily become one of my favorite characters ever, he's so damn noble and good and he fights for his weak humanity constantly because his angel side is always looking for an opportunity to overcome Remy's humanity and he always has to be careful. The story progresses at a pretty even pace and the plot kept me very entertained. The way Sniegoski worked the Samson and Delilah bible story into the plot was awesome and I really didn't see it coming!
Where Angels Fear to Tread is an exciting fantasy PI story with such compelling characters and a plot that will keep you guessing until the very end. I seriously cannot wait to read the next book in this series!

Book Blurb for Where Angels Fear to Tread

Six year-old Zoe York has been taken and her mother has come to Remy for help. She shows him crude, childlike drawings that she claims are Zoe's visions of the future, everything leading up to her abduction, and some beyond. Like the picture of a man with wings who would come and save her-a man who is an angel.

Zoe's preternatural gifts have made her a target for those who wish to exploit her power to their own destructive ends. The search will take Remy to dark places he would rather avoid. But to save an innocent, Remy will ally himself with a variety of lesser evils-and his soul may pay the price...

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 4.50