The Year of Living Shamelessly

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The Year of Living Shamelessly

For years now, Katie Kramer has had a crush on her brother's best friend, Ryder Scott and every year, she makes the same New Year's resolution: To have a wild affair with Ryder that year. Unfortunately, she has been sorely disappointed. Ryder has always seen her as her best friend's little sister and Katie' good girl reputation doesn't hold up to Ryder's super hot ex-girlfriends who always seem to hang around and get in the way. What Katie doesn't know is that Ryder has always had a thing for her but because he loves the Ryder family and Katie, to him, is untouchable, especially because he's got a wild side that few seem able to hold up to, he's never tried anything.

But Katie's totally determined to have him and this year, she's ready to make the first move. Starting by reinventing herself into more of a bad girl with a kinky side since she's heard that that's what Ryder's into and like I said, she's damn determined. But then she finds out that Ryder is soon moving away and she only has one week to show him how good of a bad girl she really is!

The Year of Living Shamelessly is one of the most fun books I've read this year! Katie is seriously out to get Ryder and seeing her trying to be more like the woman he would want was more funny than insulting. She knows what she wants and she was going for it and I can't fault a girl that. While I thought she was a great character, Ryder completely stole the limelight for me. He's been tortured about his attraction to Katie for years and he's finally going away to try to get some distance between them because every day, it's more hard for him to not want to be with her but he also doesn't think he's worth her time, unlike what Katie thinks and she's more than willing to show him.

But it's not all fun and games, things are heating up, both inside and outside the bedroom, and soon enough, Katie and Ryder's attraction might turn into something more. The chemistry between these two is undeniable and comes right off the page, that along makes for a great read, but when coupled with how incredibly funny and charming the characters are, including the secondary ones, this makes The Year of Living Shamelessly a wonderful read.

Book Blurb for The Year of Living Shamelessly

A red-hot romance of a good girl gone bad—from a winning voice in wickedly fun erotica.

Every year, Katie makes the same New Year's resolution: have an affair with her brother's kinky and wild best friend, Ryder. Every year, she faces the same disappointment. It doesn't help that her good-girl reputation can't stand up to the hot competition, or that Ryder's always seen Katie as just his friend's innocent little sister.

Until Katie makes the first move—and matches him, kink for kink. Because this year, Katie knows what she wants. And she's going to get it.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.50