The Chief

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The Chief

A Highland Guard Novel, #1

Christina Fraser is between a rock and a hard place. That hard place being a certain highlander chief named Tor MacLeod. For most of her life, all she's wanted is to escape her father's temper and run to a nunnery with her sister but she soon finds out her father has other plans for her. She has been bartered in marriage to Tor by Robert the Bruce and her father to get him to agree to train an elite group of highlanders to help free Scotland from English rule. Tor never wanted to get in the middle of this war, he was more than happy keeping to himself in his lands and protecting his people. However, due to extenuating circumstances, he doesn't have a much of a choice and agrees to marry Christina and to train the most skilled of Highlanders in secret.

Unfortunately, Tor and Christina's marriage is off to a rocky start. He's been burned by women before and is not openly trusting at all. While the chemistry between them is explosive, their relationship outside the bedroom leaves something to be desired but Christina is determined to breach Tor's icy exterior. If their marriage is to survive, then something's got to be done. However, when her plan to do so ends up endangering herself and others, Tor will do anything to save his people and his wife.

The Chief is the first book to a brand-new series and a really great start! The characters are highly entertaining. Tor will make you swoon! Sure, there are moments where he's a super alpha male but that's just what's so fun about the story. He's not one of those overbearing alphas and Christina's more than capable to get him to dial it down a notch even though at times she's really naive. Considering this is the start of a series, I'm highly intrigued about the coming books because some of the other Highlanders in this super-secret group sound really hot! The Chief has got it all: the hot romance, great action scenes and lovely characters and I had a wonderful time reading it.

Book Blurb for The Chief

Scouring the darkest corners of the Highlands and Western Isles, Robert the Bruce handpicks ten warriors to help him in his quest to free Scotland from English rule. They are the best of the best, chosen for their superior skills in each discipline of warfare. And to lead his secret Highland Guard, Bruce chooses the greatest warrior of all.
The ultimate Highland warlord and a swordsman without equal, Tor MacLeod has no intention of being drawn into Scotland’s war against the English. Dedicated to his clan, the fiercely independent chief answers to no one—especially not to his alluring new bride, bartered to him in a bid to secure his command of the deadliest fighting force the world has ever seen. The treacherous chit who made her way to Tor’s bed may have won his hand, but she will never claim his heart.
Although her husband’s reputation is as fierce as his manner, Christina Fraser believes that something softer hides beneath his brutal shell. But the only warmth she feels is in their bed, in glorious moments of white-hot desire that disappear with the dawn. When Christina’s reckless bid to win her husband’s love goes awry and thrusts them into danger on the eve of war, Tor will face his ultimate battle: to save his wife and to open his heart—before it’s too late.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 4.00