Stakes and Stilettos

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Stakes and Stilettos

Sarah Dearly is a newly made vamp that only wants her normal life back, or as normal as life as a vampire can be. Yet everything seems to be fighting against her. If she’s not getting staked while trying to get a regular job, she’s getting cursed by a crazy witch who’s got it in for her. Then there’s some dude wearing a red mask flying who rescues her when she’s staked and he calls himself the Red Devil. But he won’t tell her who she is yet somehow he always manages to drop in when most needed. If that wasn’t enough, that curse I mentioned? Well, it turns Sarah into a nightwalker - the worst bloodthirsty vampire who can’t even go into the sunlight without bursting into flames. And the cherry on the crapola top is that she still can’t marry her centuries-old boyfriend, Thierry, because he’s still married to another vampire.
No wonder she’s grumpy.
So now Sarah has to deal with undoing the curse, finding out who this Red Devil is and finding a way to marry Thierry. And she’s pretty much ready to do anything - even embrace her inner vamp - to get this done.
Stakes & Stilettos is the fourth installment in Rowen’s Immortality Bites series.
It’s written in the first person by Sarah but that certainly does not subtract from the story. If anything, it adds Sarah’s great sense of humor and way of looking at things. She’s been through a lot and has manages to keep her humor on top of everything going wrong. It’s fun to read about all the characters I love - her best friend George and the gorgeous boyfriend Thierry. There are also some new ones that add to the story.
Rowen never disappoints, her stories are wonderfully funny, quirky and full of laugh-out-loud moments, but there’s also a great, clever plot. Stakes & Stilettos is an original, super funny story and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series!

Book Blurb for Stakes and Stilettos

Staked, cursed, and still single…

Newly-vamped Sarah Dearly wants her normal life back, but fate is fighting against her. She tries to get a nice, regular job and gets staked at the interview, only to be rescued by a masked vampire who calls himself the Red Devil. Then a wallflower-turned-witch curses her, making her a bloodthirsty, sun-allergic nightwalker — the worst vampire there is. As if all that weren’t bad enough, she can’t get married because her 600-year-old boyfriend, Thierry, is in a centuries-long marriage of convenience he can’t escape.

…it’s enough to make a girl start biting.

As Sarah’s nightwalker tendencies make her more dangerous, even to those she loves, she’ll have to counteract that curse, unmask the increasingly intriguing Red Devil, and — oh yeah – get a commitment from her man. But if that’s what it takes to secure her happiness, Sarah is ready…even if it means embracing her inner vamp to do it.


Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 4.50