Silent Night, Haunted Night

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Silent Night, Haunted Night

Ever since Nicki Styx died then came back to life, she can see and talk to ghosts. Unfortunately, it hasn't made her life any easier. If anything, the restless ghosts that show up need help with whatever it is that's still keeping them around and Nicki's just lucky - or unlucky - enough to be the one who can help them and they just don't take no for an answer. After a year of getting used to having them around and a new boyfriend, Nicki's pretty happy and used to things. Until one night, three spirits show up. That is, three bodiless heads floating in the air wake her up at 3 in the morning while she's paralyzed with terror. What a way to welcome the Holidays.

These spirits out for revenge and one of them, a beautiful woman who apparently can seduce any man just by visiting his dreams, has her sights on Joe, Nicki's boyfriend. But Nicki's not about to give him up without a fight and to make matters even more jolly - the Devil's back.

Silent Night, Haunted Night is the fourth book in the Nicki Styx series and one of the best, in my opinion. The plot kept me going until the very end wanting to know who these spirits that had it in for Nicki were and why they did. It's a very original twist on the lore and I really enjoyed it. However, I reached a point in which I really disliked Joe, I just couldn't stand him. I wanted Nicki to just dump him and move on, but she loves him and wasn't going to give him up so I have to give her props for that. I wanted her to give Sammy a chance, which is just crazy considering he's literally the Devil but he's so cute that I couldn't help it! I really liked the story. Silent Night, Haunted Night is a fun ghostly ride with great characters and a fun, devilish plot!

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 3.75