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Vivian and Marc Roussel are two siblings who import Russian artifacts for their store. And they're also werecats. After a trip to Russia that garnered new artifacts, their merchandise place gets broken into, yet nothing seems to have been stolen. They decide to hire Pavel Federov's security company, Federov's a surveillance expert and also a Russian Blue werecat. Shortly after, there's a kidnapping attempt on both Marc and Vivian. Neither of them knows why someone broke into their storage, or try to kidnap them and Federov starts investigating to found out whoever who's behind the attacks and what they want. At the same time, Vivian and Pavel are developing an attraction for each other, of course and it's against werecat rules to mix between packs but that doesn't stop them.
But what they don't know is that someone has stolen a priceless icon from Russia and both Marc and Vivian are right in the middle of an international disaster. Whoever stole this has marked both siblings as his next target and it's up to Pavel to keep Vivian and Marc safe, find whoever wants to harm then and manage to get the icon back to its home.
I have mixed feelings about Prey. Even though I think the suspense and the plot was pretty good to follow along, the romance between Viv and Pavel left something to be desired. It seemed rush and stilted. One second they're possibly developing an attraction to each other and the next they're professing their love for each other? I just didn't buy that. They interaction just seemed fake. Most of their conversations was about how much they loved each other, how wonderful the other one is, and it got to a point where I didn't care to read those parts. I looked forward to reading the interactions between the two bad guys than these two because it was weird, it was more interesting to read about the others.
The plot was what kept me reading the book. I wanted to know who was behind the breaking and entering, the possible kidnapping, who stolen the item and what they wanted. The suspense was more interesting than the relationship. At times, the writing was awkward, I felt there was a lot of telling but no showing, but there were also times where it was good enough for me to imagine what was going on so it was inconsistent. I did enjoy the way things ended but I could have done without Vivian and Pavel's wooden relationship.

Book Blurb for Prey

Evil Stalks the city that never sleeps...

Vivian Roussel prefers to keep a low profile—she is, after all, a werecat, descendant of an ancient demigoddess, and highly regarded in Manhattan’s nightworld. But when she’s robbed of a priceless icon, she has only one recourse for protection.

Surveillance expert and werecat Pavel Federov never gets personal with his clients.But he’s drawn to Vivian. Pavel soon discovers that the thief has something far more dangerous in mind—for he’s marked Vivian as his next target.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 3.00