Sayana Nakamura is a member of one of the most important houses of the planet Kanasum with the silver eyes indigo hair to prove it. But after her family name is tainted, it is expected for her mother, her sisters and herself to kill themselves to restore their dignity. Yet Sayana doesn't want her little sisters to die and she's willing to do anything to save them, especially after her mother kills herself. Sayana decides to go to the casino ship orbiting her home planet and maybe try to win money to her sisters. Yet in the casino, she has to do the unthinkable - sell herself to a complete stranger in a sex auction. It's really a double sword because if she doesn't do something, her sisters and her will always be shunned and everyone else will expect them to kill themselves but if she sells herself to earn credit then once she's back in her town, everyone will know because a woman's eyes change from silver to blue once they have sex and that would brand her as an outcast. But she's willing to risk it so she decides to participate in the auction.
Caleb Joiner is an ex-smuggler. He's got time to kill and money to burn which is how he ended up on the casino ship in the first place. Since the first time he sees Sayana, he's drawn to her beauty and delicate personality but it's her determination to save her sisters that really wins his heart. He tries to talk her out of her being in the sex auction but she's stubborn and will not back down. Instead, he has only one choice, bid and try to win her so she doesn't have to sleep with some stranger for credits. He's not doing it to sleep with her, although he does think she's beautiful, he's just trying to help her and he succeeds in winning her. Yet Sayana won't just take the credit from Caleb and say thank you. She is determined to go through the whole deal, have sex with Caleb in exchange for the credit and she's already attracted to her so it doesn't sound like a hardship, apart from the being outcast part.
Outcast is a wonderful story about finding love when and where you least expected it. The character's emotions fly off the page and their intense attraction to each other made this story a great read. Sayana's a very strong, brave character willing to do anything for the people she loves. She faced challenges and didn't let them get the best of her. She seems innocence yet jaded in a way. Caleb's the perfect match for Sayana. His loyalty and willing to help an essential total stranger really adds to the story. Their attraction to each other is sweet yet hot at the same time. I really enjoyed reading Outcast, it was a lovely story about overcoming obstacles and finding love.

Book Blurb for Outcast

Sayana Nakamura is of one of the great houses of planet Kanasum and she has the silver eyes and indigo hair to prove it. But when her family name is tainted by bad luck, she is shunned by the superstitious people of her home world. Because of her genteel breeding, Sayana is expected to accept her fate and die with dignity. She refuses, and goes looking for a new destiny aboard the casino ship orbiting her home planet. There she must do the unthinkable -- sell herself to the highest bidder in the sex auction in order to earn the credits to survive even though she knows this will brand her forever as an outcast when she returns to Kanasum.

Caleb Joiner is an ex-smuggler with time to kill and money to burn which is how he ended up on the casino ship in the first place. He is drawn to Sayana's delicate beauty but it is her fierce courage in the face of adversity that wins his heart. He tries to talk Sayana out of auctioning herself off but she is determined to follow her destiny.

What can Caleb do but follow her...all the way to the auction and beyond.

Publisher's Note: Outcast is a re-edited, revised book previously released by another publisher, and it contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Dubious consent, exhibitionism, voyeurism.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 4.25