No One Left To Tell

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No One Left To Tell

Detective Raven Mackenzie and her partner Tony Rodriguez are called in to investigate a homicide of a man brutally slain found in a chapel with a cryptic message pinned to his chest. They uncover the man's connection to powerful female crime boss Fiona Dunhill that leads them to the mysterious head of security - Christian Delacorte - who soon becomes the prime suspect. Since Christian's family was killed in a botched up police raid, he's hated cops. So now being forced to cooperate with the Homicide Detectives by his employer and the person who saved him years ago doesn't sit well with him and it's bringing up nightmares of his childhood tragedy But his loyalty to Fiona forces him to work with Raven and Tony to unravel the mystery of Mickey Blair's death.

As the investigation deepens, there seems to be a connection between the murder of Christian's parents and little sister and the murder of Blair. Convinced Christian's past could hold the key to solving this crime, Raven's determined to found out who murder his parents, who murdered Blair and if it's all connected with Fiona's husband assassination decades ago. Throughout all this, Christian and Raven's bond deepens, as their attraction to each other does as well, bringing new tension to the investigation. Will Raven, Christian and Tony be able to find the killer before he targets them? Or will they be his next victims, with no one left to tell?

No One Left To Tell was a pleasure to read. The suspense was to die for and the romance super steamy. Dane's dark humor kept me laughing while the tension had me on the edge of my seat. The characters were unforgettable and the plot flesh and enjoyable. Dane has become a definite auto-buy for me. I give this fantastic book a 4 1/2.

Book Blurb for No One Left To Tell

A hit man learns a lesson in irony when the hunter becomes the hunted in a deadly game of paintball in the dark. Now the man's body serves as a message from the past, unraveling the lives of the people touched by an unresolved crime. To solve the case, a female detective and her Hispanic partner must sift through the tragic memories of a reluctant man-whose past holds the key to finding a killer.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 4.50