No One Heard Her Scream

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No One Heard Her Scream

Detective Rebecca Montgomery's little sister was kidnapped but she refuses to give up on finding her even after six months. She's given a new assignment - an arson case but they end up finding skeletal remains buried in the wall of an old theatre. When the bones turn out to be of a woman, close in age to her sister, she's even more desperate to find the killer. Rebecca's feelings get in the way of the investigation and she start thinking that her sister's kidnapping and the body found are related and starts asking questions which get her noticed by the people connected with a human trafficking ring.

Rebecca meets Diego - an enforcer of a rich man she believes is linked to the murder. They are very attracted to each other but are keeping secrets that could kill them both. Rebecca ends up getting Diego to help nail Hunter Cavanaugh, her suspect and his boss. Both start to unravel the secrets behind the sinister business of human trafficking that could get them killed. Throughout all this, their attraction to each other becomes more intense which complicates things. Will Rebecca be able to find the killer? Or will she become his prey?

No One Heard Her Scream was a fantastic story from debut author Jordan Dane. The book sizzles with romance and the suspense had me on the edge of my seat. From the first page to last, I couldn't put the it down, it was an engaging story with wonderful characters and it's definitely one of the best books I've ever had the pleasure of reading! I very much look forward to her next book.

Book Blurb for No One Heard Her Scream

A relentless detective with the San Antonio Police Department is barred from an investigation into the disappearance and murder of her younger sister and forced to take another assignment. Skeletal remains buried in the wall of an old theatre destroyed by arson make an intriguing new case. But when the bones turn out to be of a woman, close in age to her sister, the hunt for a killer gets personal—a vendetta for justice. A seductive enforcer to the mob, with secrets of his own, stands between the detective and a powerful man she believes is linked to the murder. Will the reluctant henchman become an ally or betray her to his treacherous 'benefactor'? Drawn into the sinister world of human trafficking, the modern-day slave trade, the detective unravels a grim trail of destroyed lives—leaving her little hope for vindication in the death of her sister and a nameless young woman buried alive.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 5.00