Natural Born Charmer

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Natural Born Charmer

Dean Robillard's the Chicage Stars quarterback who's decided to go on a break from his life in Chicago after getting a shoulder injury. One day while driving in the Colorady highway he sees Blue Bailey - a girl walking in a beaver suit along side the road. He can't help but stop and see what she's doing walking around like that. Blue is definitely not the kind of girl Dean's used to. She's broke and stranded and next thing you know, Dean makes her a proposition that's hard to refuse, to come work for him. They both end up driving to Dean's new farmhouse in east Tennesse. Dean and Blue are definitely attracted to each other but Blue tries to resist Dean's charm. Both athlete and bum are struggling with family issues and a deep hurt - but can they put aside their past to maybe find a future together?

I really loved reading Natural Born Charmer, the beggining was one of the funniest scenes I've ever read. I don't think I'll ever look at a beaver suit again without laughing. Dean is the golden football boy who hides his feelings behind his cocky facade. He's smart, funny and totally a charmer. He's also used to girls wanting to get in his pants all the time - that is, until he meets Blue Bailey, the homeless, penniless girl who just got dumped. Yeah, she wants him, but she hides her attraction to him in the beginning, at least she tries. Dean and Blue were perfect for each other. Blue's sassy attitude coupled with Dean's charm makes for some really funny romantic scenes. The secondary characters add more of a realistic feel to the story. Dean has to deal with his mom and dad, and even a sister coming into his life and Blue helps him. And Blue, of course, has also some mom troubles on her own but all this drama doesn't take away from the fact that Dean and Blue have a sizzling chemistry together.

This is a delightly, romantic, funny story that had me laughing and crying, and made me feel really good. Phillips' writing is touching and engaging and Natural Born Charmer wrapped around my heart and I loved the characters, the dialogue and the hilarious scenes. I really look forward to reading more of Phillips' books!

Book Blurb for Natural Born Charmer

You first met Chicago Stars quarterback Dean Robillard in MATCH ME IF YOU CAN. He's a little older now and the diamond ear studs are gone, but his take-no-prisoners' attitude is pretty much the same. Still, the golden boy is starting to feel as though he might be losing his luster, and he's looking for a little distraction. Let's just say that he gets more than he's counted on when he meets a young woman walking down the side of the road wearing a beaver suit. NATURAL BORN CHARMER

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.50