Magic Burns

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Magic Burns

Kate Daniels Series, Book 2

Kate Daniels is a mercenary and the liaison between Mercenary Guild and the Order of Merciful Aid. As a merc, Kate knows how waves of magic and technology flow across Atlanta like a tide, disrupting phones and making monsters come alive.

But once every seven years, something called a flare happens, magic runs rampant, and is so powerful that can make even Gods walk the Earth as normal beings. When Kate sets out to retrieve a set of stolen maps for the Pack - the main group of shapeshifters ruled by Curran, their King - she finds out that it's way more complicated than just finding them because a war between two gods wanting rebirth is brewing and Kate is right in the middle of it.

This book is a fabulous sequel to Magic Bites. Kate's still a kickass character with a smart mouth, she's sharp and sometimes even rude and all that makes her a fantastic character. Ilona Andrews writing was just so damn good it left me speechless sometimes. I especially like how we see a little bit more of how Kate feels without her turning into a total softy although that seems impossible. Curran, the Pack King, can go from being downright scary to, and I almost fear saying it, cute in a second - like in the end of the book - I love his character, as well.

The Celtic mythology plot was very interesting and worked really well, especially how vivid the imagery was and I could literally imagine this strange world in my head. There's nothing I didn't like - the dark humor, the gore, everything was just right, especially the ending, a word that comes to mind is adorable. It really was an adorable ending and left me giddy, wanting to read more about Kate and Curran and this strange, but still beautiful world Ms. Andrews has created.

Magic Burns was one of the best Fantasy books I've read and Ilona Andrews has definitely become one of my favorite authors.

Book Blurb for Magic Burns

Second book in Kate Daniels series: Atlanta is threated by a magic tsunami. Monsters rise, magic runs deep, and a little girl is hunted by demons...

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 5.00