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In this latest installment, things in Jax's world are looking pretty grim. A new war is brewing between a horrifying race of aliens and the measly left-over Conglomerate forces and it's up to Jax and March to come up with a plan to fight a race that seems to have no weaknesses. Thankfully, neither of them have been known for giving up, even when it seems that things are FUBAR and when they get a chance to build a whole new army to fight the Morguts, which is the race of insects-like monster kicking the Conglomerate's behind, they jump on board. Literally.

Killbox is one of those books that while I highly enjoyed reading, there was just something that held me back from fully going into fangirl version. I'm sure the fact that I had skipped one of the previous books had something to do with this. This series is one of those that I think you really need to read in order to be able to get the full effect of the story itself, I have no problems with this, obviously, so I highly recommend you read the series in order.

March drove me crazy. He's too damn honorable and a good man and throughout the whole book I just hoped he would for once stop being like that and be a wee bit selfish. I can't say much without spoiling the book - and that's just unacceptable - but the thing is, had he done what I was hoping for, he would have no longer been our lovable March. I felt like Jax was so undervalued in this book. She didn't seem to be her old spunky self. We could blame growing as an adult for this but I don't believe that would sever parts of your personality.

I really enjoy reading Killbox! Apart from feeling lost at times and a little upset at the good guys, the action-packed and suspenseful plot is a blast to follow. While the characters left something to be desired at times, this didn't deter much from my enjoying the story. I'm definitely looking forward to the next book in the series.

Book Blurb for Killbox


Sirantha Jax is a “Jumper,” a woman who possesses the unique genetic makeup needed to navigate faster than light ships through grimspace. With no tolerance for political diplomacy, she quits her ambassador post so she can get back to saving the universe the way she does best—by mouthing off and kicking butt.

And her tactics are needed more than ever. Flesh-eating aliens are attacking stations on the outskirts of space, and for many people, the Conglomerate’s forces are arriving too late to serve and protect them.

Now, Jax must take matters into her own hands by recruiting a militia to defend the frontiers—out of the worst criminals, mercenaries, and raiders that ever traveled through grimspace…

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 4.50