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Hungry for More


Amy Burns is a gypsy with a major skill - the ability to tell people their true love. Sure, sometimes it's felt more like a curse than anything but it's the one thing she's always done and she can't imagine herself doing anything else. The only thing is that as long as she has this gift, she can never know her true soulmate. One day, she loses the voice in her head that tells her people's soulmates. But she'll do anything to get voice back, she hasn't fallen in love so she thinks she has a chance to get it back so she starts trying to track it down.
Then comes in Chef James LaChance. Amy ends up in his restaurant because she's hear rumors that a woman that works her suddenly started hearing a voice in her head telling her other people's true love. She's determined to get her voice back at any cost. James get his inspiration for dishes from the women he dates and when he sees Amy, there's an instant attraction. The first time they kiss, James immediately knows that he could great absolultely fabulous dishes thanks to Amy. So while he wants her in his bed so he can come up with different dishes for his restaurant, Amy's main goal is to get her voice back. Amy and James' attraction to each other continues to grow with each encounter but neither one wants love.
Will Amy be able to find the voice or will she found something better - true love?
Hungry for More is a wonderful contemporary romance that from beginning had my complete attention. Holquist has a sort of sassy way of writing that really appealed to me. I thought the characters were really well-developed and very human. They had their flaws and everything but that only added more to the story. It was fun to see Amy, who really wasn't looking for love, sort of get hit right in the face with it when she least expected, or wanted it for that matter. This was the first book by Holquist that I've read but I will definitely read more of her work, I love this one. It was engaging and magical and I can't wait to read more.

Book Blurb for Hungry for More

Amy Burns loses the spirit voice that's been telling her the name of people's soul mates her whole life. But if you know Amy (from Make Me a Match and Sexiest Man Alive), you know she's not letting her spirit voice get away without a fight. She tracks down a Gypsy who has just begun hearing random names, planning to con her way into getting the voice back. But a sexy chef might need her help more, and soon Amy has to chose between her powers and finding her own one true love.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 4.75