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Action Romance - Paranormal

Tatiana is the perfect soldier. She can see in the dark, withstand subzero temperatures and even read people's mind. Nothing or anyone gets to her. Until she meets a stranger named Tristan, that is. She doesn't trust him but also can't help the attraction between them. But before anything can happen, she has to deal with her past. She's being hunted, but what her enemy doesn't know? Is that she's hunting him right back.

Tristan is a man ridden with guilt. He's been trying for years to make up for his sins and meeting the beautiful, mysterious Tatiana with the oddly, light eyes, he yearns for something more, something he's never wanted before. Before Tatiana and Tristan can explore their chemistry, they have a madman set on killing millions of people to deal with.

Hidden is an edgy action-packed story with a wonderful, plot and unforgettable characters. I love this barren world called Waste, it sounds awful and frightening but beautiful in its wilderness. From beginning to end, the story had me enthralled and wondering what could possibly happen next.

The imagery was concise and sharp, letting me imagined living in a world like this. Tatiana is a wonderful mix of hard and soft. She's an ass-kicking soldier but can also be a vulnerable girl. Tristan has that charm that is incapable to resist. Hidden is a wonderful story and I'm really looking forward to reading more of Kenin's work.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.00