Fish Out of Water

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Fish Out of Water

Fred the Mermaid Series, #3

In the last book of Fred the Mermaid Series, Fred is back to being her charming self. In this one, she's helping the Sea-peo- er, Undersea Folk, come out of the water closet, so to speak. Since she's half-biped, half-fish, she's being delegated to the job to easing the new relationship between the Undersea Folk and the bipeds. But we're talking about Fred here, she's not actually tactful, or even remotely polite, at times. So that's bound to be interesting. She also is trying to finally choose between her two suitors - the prince Artur and fellow marine biologist Thomas. At first she chooses one but then she starts noticing that maybe she should have gone for the other one which I totally agree with because I think she would be a better match with the other one. I know I'm being really vague but I don't want to give anything away! But fortunately, she corrects her mistake and ends up choosing the right guy for her - finally! Even though both guys are great, I think one of her is better suited for her. So who will t be? The elegant Prince who wants her to become his queen or the yummy biologist?

But we have a problem. A bunch of Undersea folks have completely disappeared with no trace. No one can find any remote clue about where they are or what happened to them. So the King asks Fred for her help because they think the government could have something to do with that and since Fred's the embassador between the Undersea Folk and the humans, she's knee-deep in the whole thing. So while Fred has to find out what possibly happened to these people, having to decide between Artur and Thomas and also getting someone from her past coming back, it's a great ride with definite funny moments - Jonas is super hilarious - and very satisfying at the end. I throughoutly enjoyed Fish Out of Water and although it's sad that it's the last book in the trilogy, it was a great end to a wonderful and funny series.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 4.75