Fast & Loose

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Fast & Loose

Cole Early is a very successful Thoroughbred trainer and his horse, Silk Purse, has a chance to race in the Kentucky Derby. But when Cole tries to get a hotel in Louisville, there's nothing open so he ends up renting a house. Lulu's house. She's a local glass artist who needs the money so she let her friend Eddie rent out her place for two weeks but quickly begins to worry. What if the person renting is someone like that rowdy "King Cole" person who keeps popping up in all the places she seems to be? A guy like that could really mess with a girl's feng shui.

But Cole isn't really interested in Lulu's house. He's interested in her, specially after he discovers she's the mysterious woman whose house is filled with such sensual indulgences. What's a guy gotta do to bring the passion out of the self-possessed Miss Flannery?

This was a fun, light read. The chemistry between Lulu and Cole was hot and the secondary story with Bree and Rufus was wonderful too. Bevarly's writing is funny and quirky and Fast & Loose is fresh and delightful. I give it 4 stars.

Book Blurb for Fast & Loose

Hotshot Thoroughbred trainer Cole Early needs a place to stay during the Kentucky Derby. His only option is a snug little bungalow being rented out by local glass artist Lulu Flannery. And though her house indulges all of Cole's five senses, he'll have to tame his rowdy charm to coax some passion out of Lulu.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 4.00