Embrace the Night Eternal

The Heroes of New Vegas, #2

Simon Japp has a dark past but after the Change years before, when the civilization fairly came to an end, he got a chance to turn a new leaf. Now he's part of a band of guys who fight against the Strangers, a group of deadly immortals who pretty much control this new world and are hell-bent on finding every one of them and killing them. After waking from a fifty-something-year sleep after the Change, he founds himself with a strange power that might just be the thing they need to fight the Strangers.
What Simon never counted on was meeting Sage Corrigan, a soft-spoken blue-eyed redhead who brings out feelings in him that he never thought he'd have. But in a world where there's practically no laws, the government, or what could pass for it, is a bunch of immortal weirdoes and zombies can hunt you, the last thing anyone could afford is to be soft. Sage and Simon work together fighting the Immortals and when they go on a mission posing as a couple to infiltrate a ring that could help their fight, their staged relationship might become more than just a lie. 
Embrace the Night Eternal is the second book in Joss Ware's post-apocalyptic romantic suspense series. I highly recommend you read the first book, Beyond the Night, first because I didn't and I fully admit that I was completely lost in the beginning. Granted as the story progresses, there's enough back-story to know what's going on but I think that to be able to get the full effect of this series, it's important to read the books in order. Don't make my mistake! With that said, I thoroughly enjoyed Embrace the Night Eternal. Simon's such an interesting character with many facets to his persona. He can be a cold bastard when he's threatened or when needed but with Sage, he's incredibly caring. At first, I wasn't so sure about Sage. She seemed like a timid little thing who had been hiding in her computer lab for years. But soon enough, she becomes more assertive and my favorite character.
Although the character development was really awesome, the post-apocalyptic plot was what totally won me over! The descriptions of half-rumbling building covered in grass, empty broken roads and whole cities under water were great. I love post-apocalyptic settings and Embrace the Night Eternal was awesome to read. I definitely enjoyed the story, and I do want to go back and read book 1, just because I enjoyed this world so much and I'd like to read Drake and Jade's story. Embrace the Night Eternal is an apocalyptic thrill ride with awesome suspense and characters just come right off the page!

Book Blurb for Embrace the Night Eternal

Everything they knew is gone...

Five men emerge from the remnants of destruction with extraordinary new powers.

They are humankind's last hope, but they cannot survive this devastated world alone.

Simon Japp's violent past will haunt him forever. But when he somehow travels through time to a dark future where civilization is all but destroyed, he sees an opportunity for redemption.

As he becomes familiar with this new, overgrown world of jungle-like cities and overgrown shopping malls, Simon is determined to help the Resistance movement against the immortal Strangers--the repressive, controlling race that has taken over civilization. He can't afford to be distracted, even by the beautiful, soft-spoken woman who haunts his thoughts.

Sage Corrigan is the product of a rigid cult that has militant initiatives to repopulate the world in order to rebuild civilization. She's learned not to trust, but there's something about Simon and his empty, haunted eyes that tug at her heart.

When they must pose as husband and wife to infiltrate the cult, they find that their staged affection is only hiding the real heat boiling beneath the facade....and when Simon must confront his past once again, he must make a decision between what's right...and what his heart desires.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 4.00