Beyond the Night

The Heroes of New Vegas, #1

One minute, Dr. Elliot Drake is in a cave in Sedona with his friends in an adventure, the next he wakes up fifty years into the future and human civilization as we know it has fallen. Cities are gone, mostly everyone is dead and there's some strange creatures called Gangas that come out at night and literally tear people apart. At least, the ones that are still surviving. Even weirder and shocking is Elliot's new powers, he can heal people now but it's not without dire consequences to himself and others.  After months of scavenging for food with his friends and trying to steer clear of the Gangas, they save a group of teens from the monsters and in the process, Elliot meets Jade.
She's this crazy-brave woman who shows up out of nowhere riding a horse to help them against the Gangas when they're trying to save the kids. Jade is pretty much hell-bent on revenge on the Strangers. They're a race of men, if you will, whom are immortals and are identified by the crystals they have embedded right under their clavicles. She was their prisoner for three long years and now she'll do anything to make them pay. When Elliot and Jade meet, there's an undeniable attraction but they are both hiding deadly secrets and before they can explore their feelings, they have to learn to trust each other.
Beyond the Night is the first book in Joss Ware's Awakening Heroes series, it's written in a post-apocalyptic world where there is no government or rules, and it's pretty much a dog eat dog world. As the first book, it really sets the standard for the future ones. The writing is clear and original, this world is not for the faint of heart. Elliot is a great hero, he's still dealing with his entire world being turned upside down and what I really liked about him is while he's an alpha male who will do anything for the ones close to him, he's not domineering because that would just be annoying. And considering Jade is very stubborn and clearly needs to call the shots, if he was that way, they would just butt heads. However, their relationship is very nicely balanced, and that made Beyond the Night a pleasure to read. I think the world itself was incredibly interesting, I've always like post-apocalyptic plots and the twist that Ware puts on it makes it really refreshing. 
I really did enjoy reading Beyond the Night, there wasn't a dull moment and if you're looking for a thrilling post-apocalyptic novel with zombies and steamy scenes (thankfully both of which are not related!) then this book will more than deliver!

Book Blurb for Beyond the Night

Everything they knew is gone...

Five men emerge from the remnants of destruction with extraordinary new powers.

They are humankind's last hope, but they cannot survive this devastated world alone.

When Dr. Elliott Drake emerges from a cave after traveling fifty years through time, the world as he knew it in 2010 is gone. Cities are overgrown jungles, and what's left of civilization has been repressed by crystal-wearing immortal beings. But even more unsettling: Elliott has acquired an extraordinary ability--the power to heal.

But even that gift, in a world that lacks the technology and infrastructure of his past, is a two-edged sword for Elliott.

Jade Kapiza, who was once imprisoned by the immortal beings, has been in hiding for years. But now she's determined to help the human race fight back against the control of her captors. She can trust no one...but when Elliott comes into her life, he pushes at her defenses and begins to tear down the walls she's built so carefully.

Yet the mysterious doctor seems to have secrets of his own. Can Jade trust Elliott with her heart, even as they risk their lives to save a band of innocents?

And can Elliott find a new place for himself--a home--in this new, ravaged world?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 4.00