And One Last Thing

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And One Last Thing

Lacey Terwilliger thought she had a good life. A good husband, a great house and a respectable standing in the community - What more could a girl want? That is, until she founds out her husband, Mike, is a scumbag cheater who's doing his secretary, Beebee. Understandably, Lacey is highly mad about this and what does a pissed off wife do when she founds out her husband is SOB cheater? Well, get revenge, of course! Lacey's just a little bit creative than others in getting her sweet revenge, she mails out a newsletter to all Mike's clients, family, and friends announcing how he's a cheater and a bastard. Hey, some girls take a baseball bat to their cars, others decide to send out an email. 
Cue outrage. Lacey's the talk of the town and she decides on a self-imposed exile into her grammy's old cabin in the woods.  She's got a lot to think about; her whole life has been shaken, and now that Mike's being even more of a scumbag by suing her for character defamation on top of the fact she's already dealing with the divorce. Soon after moving into the cabin, she runs into her new neighbor; and by run I mean he walks in on her sitting outside in her underwear, she trips and ends up with her bum in the air. Hell of a introduction. Monroe's a very good-looking man who admittedly is not very nice to Lacey at all at first. However, as they get to know each other more, a friendship starts forming but things might be getting a lot more intimate and steamy than Lacey ever anticipated. 
And One Last Thing... will keep you entertained from beginning to end! Harper's got such a fresh, witty voice that immediately captures the reader and the characters she writes about are so alive that you'll immediately cheer for them, or boo them. I fell for Lacey, her life bubble was burst all to hell and now that it's all said and done, she sees that her life was not even close to perfect to begin with. Her husband was rarely there, she let her career as a journalist fall through the cracks, and she had alienated all her old friends. So now that this chapter in her life is closed, she faces a whole new life but after her pity party is over, she more than rises to the occasion! It felt good to see her become an even better person with her own hopes and dreams. And One Last Thing... is funny, sweet, and romantic story about new beginnings and I highly enjoyed myself reading it!

Book Blurb for And One Last Thing

A romantic comedy about a woman who publishes the details of her husband's affair in his company newsletter, and then must deal with the consequences.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.50