Twin Passions

Book three in the Wizard Twins series.

Twin Passions is the third book in the wizard twin’s series by Lora Leigh. Astra betrays all when she cannot deliver justice against those who are destined to be hers, Torran and Rhydan. Astra believes that Torran and Rhydan don’t burn for her as she does for them. Once she saves them, they have a chance to show her they desire her.

While this was the long awaited book in the Wizard Twin series, I thought there was too much explaining the world and the history of the wizards and sorceress. It made it hard to follow at times. Lora Leigh did not seem to focus on Astra and the twins as much as I would have liked. Which makes me wonder if there are more books to come? I really hope so!

Overall, this was a great book, but in truth I expected nothing less than that from Lora Leigh. While I have not read the first two books I was not lost in the story. That is a plus for me. Too many times you can get lost when you start in the middle of a series. I can’t wait to pick up the last two books!

Book Blurb for Twin Passions

Astra Al’madere betrayed all. Those she loved. Those she swore to protect. And all for the Dark Wizards whose passion and heat she can’t live without. A Sorceress can sense her Twins, the men destined to join her in her power to strengthen the planet of Sentmar, and Astra has sensed for a while—the Delmari are hers. She can’t turn her back on them, deliver them to justice, even though they’d turned from her many years ago. A pain that still rips her heart in two.

Torran and Rhydan knew the road to claiming their Consortress would not be an easy one. After all, a painful lie had driven her away, causing her to believe they didn’t burn for her. Weren’t consumed by her. But when she chooses to save them rather than honor her duty, the Wizards have the chance to show Astra she’s always been the only one they desire.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.50