The Whip-maker

The Whip-maker is Fabulous! Annabelle needs to write a paper for one of her college classes on the pleasure from pain. While not understanding it she meets a friend’s ex-boyfriend for help. Darius is a whip maker and someone that can help Bella with her paper. To do that he has to get Bella to let her guard down to get the full experience.

Bella has a tough outer shell. She does not let anyone in. In the beginning of the story, Bella is aggravating. She has an attitude about everything around her, and not a good one. Darius is a whip-maker. He has the ability to calm Bella like no one else and crack that tough outer shell she has.

I wish we could see what happens between Darius and Bella. There was so much chemistry between the two characters. Darius was not put out by Bella’s behavior. I wish the story was much longer. Overall, this was a fabulous story at 35 pages.

Book Blurb for The Whip-maker

Bad-ass Bella is always on the defensive and sick of being burned by guys who run out on her after a month. When she’s given a Psychology assignment on the connection between pleasure and pain, she ends up doing research at Sexapalooza, smack in the middle of the BDSM section. She meets Darius, a sexy whip-maker who’s more than willing to give her a practicum on pain. Yet Darius has an unexpected soft side, and his particular method of inflicting pain produces highly unexpected—and highly pleasurable—results. He knows a bit about psychology himself, and he’s determined to convince Bella to let down her guard and let him into her life.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.50