The Enticement

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The Enticement

The Submissive Trilogy, #3

The Enticement is the fourth book in the Submissive series by Tara Sue Me. This book is best read as part of the series, and not as a standalone novel for the best understanding of the characters and the world in which they live.

Abby has everything she has ever wanted, kids, husband she loves, and a new career. Her life is chaotic and her husband’s need for increased control keep her on her toes. However, Abby is at a loss as to why Nathaniel need for control has increased suddenly but she does enjoy it. But has the things go on, problems between the two surfaces as well as anger and tension. Can Abby and Nathaniel solve the problems that come up?

The beginning of the story is set in a way that leaves you interested in knowing how both Nathaniel and Abby are doing now. By the end of the first chapter, I was excited to see how this book would turn out. The author did a good job of drawing the reader in to her world. She continued to build the world around Abby and Nathaniel. The pace of the story was very slow and steady from the first page to the last. The main characters and the secondary characters were fascinating and realistic. I loved how the author introduced a new character that might cause trouble for Nathaniel and Abby in the future. I enjoyed how both Abby and Nathaniel were not perfect and each had issues they had to deal with.

The point of stayed with Abby all the way through the book. At time I wished I could understand Nathaniel’s point of view. The main conflict of the story was Nathaniel and Abby’s ability to juggle work, kids, and keep a personal life. Also, Nathaniel’s increased need for control, and anger that seems too grown with Abby’s success. This book shows the problems within Nathaniel and Abby’s relationship and stresses how much communication is important and not just the sub communicating to the Dom but how important it is in reverse. It also makes me wonder how many problems would be avoided, now and in the future, if Nathaniel opened up more. The dialogue between the characters comes across as realistic and unique. The ending was a bit predictable but I don’t see calm waters between Nathaniel and Abby lasting. The overall issues really were not worked through it came across more like band aid fixes rather than real true fixes. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

Book Blurb for The Enticement

New York Times bestselling author Tara Sue Me returns to the story of Abby and Nathaniel to explore the passion after the ‘Happily-Ever-After’…

Limits were made to be pushed.

Abby West has everything she wanted: a family, a skyrocketing new career, and a sexy, Dominant husband who fulfills her every need. Only, as her life outside the bedroom becomes hectic, her Master’s sexual requirements inside become more extreme. Abby doesn’t understand Nathaniel’s increased need for control, but she can’t deny the delicious way her body reacts to his tantalizing demands…

Between Abby’s reluctance and Nathaniel’s unyielding commands, the delicate balance of power between the Dominant and his submissive threatens to shift. And as the underlying tension and desire between them heats up, so does the struggle to keep everything they value from falling apart …

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 4.00