The Clientele

The Club has no official name but everyone knows what goes on inside the walls. This BDSM club has rooms each dedicated to different things. This book follows several couples as they explore not just the club, but themselves as well. This book is a unique look into the BDSM world. The Clientele explore the couples as they change and grow because of their experiences.

Jack and Lila are active in BDSM life and The Club allows them to explore outside the walls of their home. Bud and Yara have been happily married for a while and are looking to spicy up there love life. Scott finds two women who want to explore his tastes in the bedroom at The Club.

While I found it hard to grow attached to one couple with so many couples to follow, what I found interesting is the different types of people that were looking for something inside the walls of The Club. Overall, it’s easy to see why Jason Walker is called the “Master of BDSM Erotica”. He paints very vivid pictures with his words and his characters were very realistic. I will definitely be looking for more books by him in the future.

Book Blurb for The Clientele

The Club had no official name but its clientele knew exactly what went on inside. A room dedicated to bondage, one for domination, and so much more. For some those spaces of fantasy helped to shape and change them. For Jack and Lila it was a place where they could pursue the lifestyle they lived everyday but found out how even an established lifestyle can grow. For Scott, bringing the two new women of his life there might help solidify their relationship and let each explore their sexual facets; and for Bud and Yana a one time visit can lead to a change of attitude about each other and strengthen their love for each other in ways neither could predict. Bonds can be made of leather and they can be tightened by the feelings between people and the experiences they share. A master of BDSM erotica returns with a brand new sexy treat: if you read THE CLIENTELE you will NOT be disappointed!

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.00